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Malayalee pre-wedding rituals

Malayalee wedding is a popular wedding type of South India. It is held in Kerala. It is distinct from other forms of Indian weddings. They are short and simple. The preparation of wedding begins well before the ceremony a few weeks or even months prior to the marriage. This is done so that no rituals are left and the wedding goes on smoothly. Malayalee Wedding ceremony is full of fun and recreation. Close relatives and friends participate in the various ceremonies. The weddings are often performed in a north western room or a corner of the marriage venue. In other words most of the rituals are conducted from the temples of the villages. The key focus is on spirituality. The friends, relatives and the family member attend the pre-wedding celebrations to shower the blessings on the couple.

Nakshatra Porutham or matching of stars

This is the first step before marriage. When there is confirmation that the horoscopes match the elder relatives of the boy formally approach the girl’s family. If they are satisfied with the situations and financial status of the girl, it is time for the boy to evaluate and ascertain the facts by visiting the girl’s family. After the boy approves the girl, the family of the girl is invited to visit the boy’s house.


If the result of Nakshatra Porutham is postive the family of bride and the groom they go to their family astrologer to fix an auspicious time so that the engagement and wedding ceremonial are carried out smoothly.This auspicious time is known as Muhurtham.

Nischayam or engagement ceremony

It is the engagement ceremony. It organized at the ancestral house of the bride. In these function family members announce the confirmation of marriage formally. A ring will be exchanged between the bride and groom and in some cases, letters are interchanged between the two families. All the family members and close relatives of both the sides are present there. The nishchaya thaamboolam or the engagement thali is exchanged by the parents of the bride and the groom, on the ceremony.

Traditional Feast

One day prior to the wedding all guests are called at the bride’s home and traditional food is served. The bride is made to sit facing the East and is also served a vegetarian meal for five days. Before traditional feast the bride along with their family visit a nearby temple to offers prayers to the god and seek blessings.  These rituals are also conducted at the groom’s home too.

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