Thursday, 18 April 2013

Post Thank You e-card: A feature to show your gratitude towards your guests

The preparation of an event starts much before the actual event. This includes preparation of the guest list and then sending the invitation to them. Same is true with an e-invitation also. The difference is that for an invitation you have to go to the shop and for e-invitation everything which include the selection of invitation designs and it customization all is a finger tips away.

The invitation is sent and the day for the actual event comes. Everything goes according to your plan. The guests enjoyed at your event and their presence made it a memorable one. When they left they thanked you for inviting them. Now it is your turn to return the favour back. You can achieve it by sending them a thank you e-card.  Let’s get familiar how we can achieve it.

Before we start sending the thank you e-card we have to follow some rules. First rule say that we can send it after the event date. I mean to say after the event occurred. Second rule say that you can send it to the guests who have responded yes to your invitation. You can find it on the invitation detailed page under the “Yes” label. Hurrah now we know the rules. They are simple and anybody can follow it.

Once the event date is over you are ready for the process. Click on the “Past Event” link. It will display all the past events. Click on the name of the invitation. It will take you the detailed invitation page. Here you would find a link “Post Thank you e-card”. You have to click on it. It will take you to the thank you e-card design page. Here you have to select a design from the several designs. This is the first step which is the customization of your e-card.

When you are finished with customization you have to click on the “Select” button. It will divert you to the page. On this page you would find the guest list populated automatically. These are the guest who have responded “yes” to your invitation. In addition to that you can write a personalized message for the guests. In addition to that you can add the more guests from the automatically populated list. Furthermore you can delete the guests or add guest whom you think came but didn’t get time to reply to you invitation. You are done and you are a click away before it is delivered to the inbox of your guests.

Any guesses what is the last step? It simple and those who have guessed it right is the clicking on the send button.

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