Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Multilingual Greeting Cards: Hindi-English and Bengali-English

Language is a single word but it has a broad meaning. It is a medium of communication. It lets us convey our thoughts. We can express the thoughts which are in our mind in several ways. We can express it in words. We can express it in writing. We can express our thoughts in pictures. In addition to that there are several occasion on which we express our thoughts. It can be a festival or an event or a party and the list goes on. One of the powerful medium to express our thought is the greetings cards.These day we would find a lot of these media on the internet.One such resource is

A greeting card always conveys a message which is written in a language. Most of them have the message printed in English. English is accepted wordwide and if you know it you can communicate with anybody in the world. One day you go to a place where a little number of people know English and the regional language is very popular. Now you have to take help from somebody. In such situation the multilingual greeting card are very helpful. You would find a lot of these cards on

At the present moment these cards are available in the combination of two languages. The first combination consists of Hindi and English. As you know that Hindi is the national language in India and people all around the world are influenced by it. Second combination consists of Bengali and English. Third it is also available in Hindi only. In the present these cards are available for birthday category only. In the future it would be made available for other categories also.

For sending these cards to express your thought you need to register at which is a very simple process. In addition to that it is free.

Your thoughts are converted in a language which people all around the world will understand with ease so be the first around the world to start using these multilingual greeting cards. These multilingual greeting cards would definitely please your loved ones. If you like them, don’t forget to tell people so that they can also take advantage of them.

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