Sunday 9 February 2014

Meghalaya Post wedding Rituals

The venue of the reception is decorated and a wedding cake is organised. Latter the cake is cut by the newly wed couple.

Wedding Reception

As soon the wedding is over the guest gather for the reception. It is the place where the guests talk about the wedding ceremony. The guests also get a chance to get the taste of drinks. The addition of music to the reception enhances the thrill. Wedding Reception is the perfect time for the couple to know more about the guest. They can also interact with the guests and get their well wishes. 


The family members and guests prepare a short thank you speech which they have to narrate in the reception party. In the speech the guests thank Lord for driving bad omen during the wedding. They also thank God for smooth completion of the whole process.
In the end the guests take photo's of the wedding couple. They also enjoy the grand feast organised on the eve of reception party.

Saturday 8 February 2014 Launched with new Look was launched in 2006. At that time e-invitation and e-cards were on the fingertips of the people. is a robust platform where people can send information about their current events and reach to their friends and relatives by the use of e-invitation and e-cards in a couple of seconds. On 3rd February 2014, was launched with new look. This blog would introduce you with the new homepage interface.


At the top you would find two cute important buttons. The button in yellow is “Register”. It helps you to create an account with us. Next to it is “login” button which helps you unlock the potential of
Next to it you would find links “Home”, “Create Invitaiton”, “Send E-card” and few others which would help you in navigation so that your experience with becomes awesome.


Now you would see a banner which depicts about multilingual greeting cards which were launched in 2013. For more information about these cards you can go through our blog Multilingual Greeting Cards: Hindi-English and Bengali-English. You would see a button “Know More” which would take you in the world of beautiful greeting card designs.

You would see three labels which are your guiding stars. They would highlight when you are sending an invitation or ecard.  They are the steps you follow for sending an invitation or ecard successfully.


Under the “invite and mange label” you would see two images. They are known as “banners”. These inform you about the current event that is going to happen around the globe. When you would click on an image it would open all the invitation of that category. Now they are showing Valentine’s Day invitation as Valentine’sDay occurs on 14th February.


When you would scroll downward you would find a description about with a “SignUp It’s Free” button embedded on it. It would take you to the registration page.

Next you would find five labelled slots. The first is called “Invitations”. It is divided into ten slots which depicts invitation images of different categories. Clicking on it would open the invitation. They would help you in decision making and save your time. Second is called “Ecard”. It is same as latter one.   Fourth is called festival calendar which show all the events of a year. You can send an invitation and ecard by clicking on the label Send Invitation and ecard of that date.


Next you would find the links for the popular category. They would help you in navigation.Clicking on a link would open all the invitations of that category.

Start exploring now.