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Manipuri: A temple traditional dance style

Manipuri is a very beautiful classical dance which has strings attached to the state of Manipur. It is an integral part of the people living in the mountains. It has become a custom to keep a dance performance during weddings and homage to ancestors. 

The origin of this dance relates to a ritual dance Lai Haroba but in the present scenario it has gained more popularity than it pre successor because of high artistic and technical standards. Latter it gained popularity in other parts of India by the efforts of Guru Rabindranath Tagore.

This dance is truly devotional in nature. Watching this dance gives a spiritual experience. It is also one of the most meaningful dances of the world. In addition to that it is mostly performed in groups but solo performances are limited in number. Two dance styles of Manipuri are very popular. First is Lasya – the female style and second is tandava – the male style. There are different forms of Manipuri dance which includes Ras Lila, the Pung Cholom, Nupa Cholom, Thoibi.

Ras Lila: It is a devotional theme dance which revolves around Lord Krishna and Radha. This shows the magnificent dance of Krishna and the cowherd girls. The dancers are dressed in embroidered skirts which covered their waist and goes down to their ankle. The dancers also wear veils which cover their head and face. The dancer who portrays the character of Krishna wears a tall peacock feather crown which adds a radiant appearance to this dance. This dance shows the intense love of Radha for Lord Krishna. This dance is performed in a temple. The performances are solo duet and group dances.

Legends of Manipuri Dance

Guru Bipin Singh

He was a director, choreographer and teacher of Manipuri dance. He began training in his childhood and focussed on Manipuri dance. He created a couple of schools where student can learn this classical art.

Darshana Jhaveri

She is a leading Indian exponent of Manipuri dance. She is performing on stage since 1958 along with her sisters. She is one of the founders of the Manipuri Nartanalaya in 1972, which popularized Manipuri dance in India. She learned Manipuri dance from Guru Bipin Singh at their home. She along with her sister was the first non-Manipuris to perform their dances at the Govindji Temple inside the royal palace of Imphal, Manipur.

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  1. -Hare Krishna:

    My dear devotees,my name is Harigana das and I do pujari service in Mexico City ( The capital of the country) for the ISKCON Radha Madhan Gopal Mandir. The pujaries and I would like to offer an outfit to our deities in Manipur style,but our big question is that your deities in Mayapur,Krishna has a white decoration on the back of his crown that looks to us as a SIKHA.......Is in white color and it hangs from the back of his mukut,what is it??? What is this white decoration made off??? paper,cloth or flower petals??? See,we would like to offer an outfit like in Manipur to our deities on this Janmastami,but since we don´t know about that white color ornament on Krishna´s head this is stopping us from making the outfit.

    Do you think is possible for you to send us pictures up-close of the white decoration I´m talking about??? Or give us the name of the material this ornament is made off???....................Or.....................even better,I could send you the money so that you could make one for us and send it to my address in Mexico,of course,if you think this is possible??? I´m sending you some photos of Radha Madhan Gopal of Mexico and a picture of the manipuri white ornament that I´m asking you so you can have an idea ok??? Thank you so very much and I hope to read from you soon.

    Your servant,

    Harigana das.