Monday, 4 March 2013

Burmese Wedding Rituals

The Burmese are very jolly in nature. It is their natural characteristics. Arranged marriage is not a custom of the Burmese. Weddings are avoided from July to October. Getting married in Burmese is known as “ein htaung chya deir”. It means getting into jail or getting imprisoned. It is a mutual agreement to live as wife and husband. Women regard the wedding ceremony very seriously because it is a once in a life time occasion. Depending on financial status of the families concerned, the wedding ceremony may be simple or elaborated or modified. Myanmar does not have a custom to give dowry.

Traditional alliance

When a boy and a girl come of age and, love one another and will want to marry and live happy ever after, a wedding ceremony will be performed for them where their parents, relatives, honourable guests and friends are invited, so that they will be recognized as a newly married couple. A traditional alliance is full of strict rituals.

First of all an auspicious day and time is chosen according to the birthdays of the couple. The couple has to wear a formal dress of a particular colour decided beforehand.

Second the guests arriving on the venue would leave their gifts on along table set our front, and in turn be presented with a flower tucked into a thank-you card

Third the flowers colours enter the venue with gilded cups which is an indication that the groom would arrive soon. The groom arrives. He is preceded by his parents. The groom gets seated on a round table.

Next the bride arrives with her bridesmaid and the wedding ceremony begins. The master of ceremonies will recite a specially written stanza. The right hand of the groom and the left hand of the bride are tied and perfumed water will be poured from a silver cup. Latter the hands will be unwrapped.

Latter a speech on the responsibilities of Marriage is given by the elders of the bride and the groom. The guests are treated to refreshments offered by the couple.

Court Marriage Ceremony

There are also court marriages usually performed by judges. Court marriage requires judge as well as witnesses. Not so large a number of guests have already gathered, as the ceremony is to commence soon. Firstly the bride signed her signature to two copies of the marriage documents and the groom-followed suit. After the witnesses signed, the judge gave his blessing and best wishes and signed in the document and the court register. Thus, the couple became husband and wife legally. With the successful conclusion of the ceremony, the invited guests are having refreshments offered by the newlywed couple. Henceforth, the new couple is going to raise a happy family

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