Friday, 29 June 2012

Feature you would love about DESIEVITE

Once you send an invitation you think you are done. Still there are more things you can do with your sent invitation. This blog would concentrate on the things you could do on a sent invitation.

Go to your homepage. You would see the sent invitations there. Click on a latest invitation. You will be directed to a page where you would see all your invitation details. You would see the invitation image, invitation details like event date, location, timings, the guests who have replied and the guests who have not replied yet. Now you are ready to do some operations.

You can edit the invitation. You can change the invitation image, you can change the invitation venue and you can change the background of the invitation also. Now you must be thinking that how would the guests know about these details. Our system would take care of these things. It would e-mail the updates to all the users who are on the guest list. It’s very simple. When you would do this operation you would know the flexibility of our system.

You sent the invitations. After a week one of your family members reminded you that you forgot to invite some of the guest.  Now you thought that you have to start from the scratch. Not at all! On the invitation page you would find invite more guest. It would take you to a page where you could add the e-mail id of the guests and a personalized message.  You are done. Send the invitation. Very simple! That is the flexibility of desievite system.

This is not an ordinary page. It is a Pandora box. You can see you past events. Click the view past events link. It would take you to a page where you would see your past events. Here you can add the image for the events.

In the next Blog I would tell about how you can upload event images, remove the guests, edit guests reminder and send a thank you e-card. Until then send an invitation and explore these features. You would start falling in love with desievite.

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