Monday, 25 June 2012

Rose month: laugh love and say thank you

Rose month is celebrated in June. Rose is an elegant flower. The petals are crafted magnificently. Roses come in different colours. Some are red, some are white, some are pink and some are yellow. Different colours represent different feeling. Rose month is the perfect time of expressing your feeling and the best way to do is to give them a rose flower.

Do you want to bring laughter and happiness on somebody face.  Yellow rose is perfect for this occasion. Go to your friend who is under depression or is suffering from a setback, gift him a couple of yellow roses. This would bring laughter and happiness on his face.

Red is the colour of love but how to keep it flowing. Gift a red rose to your loved one in the morning. This would make him/her feel special and you would be also become a special person in that person eyes. This flower showed that person that you care for him/her.  

Red is just not the expression of love. It is also used for inspiration. If a person in your background is hesitating to do something you could give him a red rose to inspire him. By gifting a red rose you are spreading a positive vibration. You are sending a message that hey folks you can do it. You have the courage. Take the first step.

Want to say Thank you to your family for what they did till today? There are many way of expressing like taking them for a visit to a nice place or taking them for dinner. A simple and most powerful way is to gift them a pink rose. You can go to the persons one by one, gift them a yellow rose and spend some quality time with them. It could be more effective.

Rose month is the time for expressing your love, to inspire some body and to say thank you. An e-card is an alternative to express these feeling. Send an e-card from . It is a user friendly website and is easy to use. We have a nice collection of e-cards.

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